Terry Bradshaw: Matt Patricia and Adam Gase Terrible Coaches, Must Be Fired

Terry Bradshaw is not a Matt Patrica fan.
Terry Bradshaw is not a Matt Patrica fan. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw pulled a big silver spoon from underneath his desk and said he was ready to stir the pot. Then he proceeded to stir a pot that's already spinning faster than a tornado because everyone is saying the same thing: Matt Patricia and Adam Gase are bad coaches and should be fired.

Not exactly a Skip Bayless hot take incoming, but at least Bradshaw brings along a little silverware.

The fact that Bradshaw said he was going to bring something different to the conversation is kind of funny because everyone has been saying that Gase and Patricia stink at coaching and should be fired since last year. The Big Lead has written about Gase deserving to be fired. And Patricia.Many times previously. Should I link a few more? Ok, I'll stop. Just kidding! Happy Bradshaw is now on board.

Honestly, this is why I love Terry. The guy busts out an oversized prop as if he's about to deliver the holy grail of hot takes and proceeds to make the most obvious statement about two coaches in the NFL. Never change Terry!