Terry Bradshaw Gives Uncomfortable Kiss on Cheek to Celebrity Chef on Fox NFL Kickoff

Terry Bradshaw
Terry Bradshaw /

Fox Sports pulled out all the stops for their Thanksgiving coverage again this year. Broadcasting live from New York, the crew welcomed Jennifer Garner to the set to start before bringing celebrity chef Antonia Lofaso on camera for two separate Thanksgiving cooking segments. Intermixed with personal stories about Thanksgiving Day and some Jay Glazer scoops, it was the pregame show we've come to expect before we eat as much turkey as humanly possible.

Terry Bradshaw made things a little weird, though. As the team was signing off he gave Lofaso a big kiss on the cheek that she did not seem terribly comfortable with.

Yikes. Bradshaw is getting up there in age and has said or done a few questionable things while live on-air over the last few years, most notably when he busted out a suicide reference out of nowhere last November. He definitely didn't clear that with anybody beforehand and it appears he didn't give anybody a heads up that he was giving Lofaso a kiss, either.

A weird moment.