Terry Bradshaw Joked About Jimmy Garoppolo Not Throwing the Ball During NFC Championship Presentation

Brian Giuffra
Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Garoppolo.
Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Garoppolo. / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Jimmy Garoppolo, the quarterback brought in to save the 49ers franchise in a trade with the New England Patriots, has ridden a stifling defense and pounding run game to the Super Bowl. The man who signed a five-year, $137 million contract with the 49ers in 2018 hasn't had to prove he was worth it in the playoffs, throwing just 27 passes combined in the two games so far, including only eight in the NFC Championship.

Never one to miss an opportunity to clown around, FOX analyst and four-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Terry Bradshaw threw a little joke Jimmy's way while Bradshaw was presenting him with the NFC Championship trophy following the 49ers' destruction of the Green Bay Packers.

It's true. Garoppolo's arm can't be tired. Nor can his shoulders, considering his teammates have carried him to a Super Bowl showdown against the Chiefs. But throwing shade at a man who is celebrating his first trip as a starting quarterback (yes, I know he won two as a backup with the Patriots) to the Super Bowl? That's cold, Terry.

We'll see if Garoppolo has to throw it more in the Super Bowl, where the 49ers will face the talented Chiefs' offense led by prolific thrower of the ball, Patrick Mahomes. But based on how the 49ers have been winning games recently, that would probably be a bad thing. So don't listen to Terry, Jimmy. Keep handing the ball off, keep riding that defense to wins and keep your arm nice and rested for an offseason of lifting the Lombardi Trophy.