Terry Bradshaw Makes Insane Statement About Josh Allen's Arm

Terry Bradshaw.
Terry Bradshaw. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw has, periodically, placed his foot in his mouth. Well, the old friends got reacquainted ahead of the NFC Championship Game.

Early in FOX's pregame show ahead of the Packers-Bucs game, Bradshaw made a bold, or shall we call it insane, proclamation, saying, "There isn't a better arm in the NFL than Josh Allen." The only thing that came to mind when hearing this was this Swaggy P meme.

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Unsure if Terry has been watching much NFL this year, assuming he has, but I think presumptive MVP Aaron Rodgers might have something to say in the "best arm" debate. And how about Allen's counterpart in the AFC Championship Game, Patrick Mahomes. Maybe the former NFL MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP might have a claim to best arm too? Deshaun Watson, who led the NFL in passing yards with a mediocre team around him, also has a claim to that title.

Allen is certainly in the conversation of best thrower in the NFL in 2020, but he only entered the conversation this year and didn't lead NFL quarterbacks in any important stat -- yards, touchdowns, yards-per-pass, interception percentage, competition percentage, etc. We know he has an amazing, powerful arm and is positioned to be one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL for a long time. But saying he has the best arm now is simply setting him up for failure considering he doesn't have the stats or accolades to back it up.

Sorry Terry. Hope your foot still tastes good.