Terry Bradshaw Willing to Die On-Air to Boost FOX Ratings

Kyle Koster
Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Fox Sports held its own media availability yesterday for reporters lucky enough to be in the greater Phoenix area on the company dime. It was all pretty standard stuff, with one notable exception: Terry Bradshaw jokingly envisioning a scenario where he could die on-air in the interest of ratings.

"Are we not about ratings," he asked. "That'd be huge. Not only that, it'd be a huge carryover. Then all the networks would be saying Bradshaw died on the Fox NFL Sunday. Can you imagine? Huge stuff. And maybe I'd get a statue out front because I don't have a statue yet."

Bradshaw went on to say that he's loving his gig and wants to do it for the foreseeable future and isn't looking over his shoulder even if Tom Brady is coming into town down the road with an unlimited budget. Football fans should be decidedly against this ratings stunt for two reasons. Number one, it would be incredibly sad and deeply affecting. Secondly, it would probably signal an end to the Win Terry Bradshaw's Money gambit. Everyone would hate to see that cash cow go away.

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