Terrible Brandi Chastain Hall of Fame Plaque Looks Like Rex Ryan for Some Reason

Kyle Koster

Soccer star Brandi Chastain was inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame on Monday night, a great honor she more than deserves. One might say she even deserves a plaque that resembles her instead of an abominable Rex Ryan-lookin’ effort. Or Peter King. Or Gary Busey, Babe Ruth, Mickey Rooney or whomever your mind’s eye sees.

Chastain was amazingly chill about the whole debacle. The two-time World Cup champion managed to maintain her composure when laying eyes on the monstrosity.

Look, we can laugh at this as we did the Ronaldo plaque, but maybe it’s not funny after all. Is it possible that the craft of plaque-making is dying off and the younger generation just isn’t interested in the discipline? Someone get me a thinkpiece on this, STAT.