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Dan Patrick: Tennessee Was Handing Recruits Money in McDonald's Bags

Ryan Phillips
Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee v Georgia
Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee v Georgia / Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Tennessee fired head coach Jeremy Pruitt on Monday after an internal investigation into recruiting improprieties in the football program. Well, according to Dan Patrick, Volunteers coaches were pretty brazen with their cheating.

On Tuesday, Patrick revealed a source told him the Vols "got sloppy" in recruiting and at one point were handing money to recruits in McDonald's bags when they came on campus. No, seriously, that's a thing that allegedly happened.

Check it out:

That's it? That's your brilliant scheme to fool the NCAA? Cash in McDonald's bags? I get the logic though, there's no way anyone could crack that devious scheme. And, McDonald's? You couldn't have at least gone classy and used Five Guys bags?

If this story is true, the NCAA has to come down hard on Tennessee. There's no excuse for not hammering the program, even after firing Pruitt and the staff that committed the infractions. The violations are so brazen that it can't be excused.