Tennessee Politicians Are Urging the Vols Not to Hire Greg Schiano

Ryan Glasspiegel

Greg Schiano is reportedly finalizing a deal to be Tennessee’s next head coach, and aside from northeast media members who have a good relationship with Schiano there aren’t many who think this is a good idea.

Two Tennessee legislators have publicly decried the news:

I can’t recall ever seeing anything like this before. It’s unclear whether these reps are of the belief that the allegations Mike McQueary testified about Schiano are true, generally disapprove of his disposition, do not think he is a good enough football coach for the standards of the program, or some combination of the three.

Further, within the last hour, four-star cornerback Jaycee Horn announced he was decommitting from the program:

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— JUNGLE BOY ? (@jayceehorn_10)

It is worth wondering if there is enough of a groundswell of momentum against this hire to stop it.