Tennessee Football's Twitter Account Remains Frozen in Time

Kyle Koster

Tennessee paid Georgia State $950,000 to come into Neyland Stadium and embarrass the home team and its fans. The Volunteers have been through some bleak times on the road back to relevance, but this low is extremely low. Jeremy Pruitt must figure out a way to pick up the pieces and get his team back on the right track — even if the most realistic goal is, gulp, a .500 season and bowl trip at this point.

That’s what is going on in the real world. Over on Tennessee football’s Twitter account, things are a bit happier. The Vols are leading 23-21 per the last missive. Here, preserved in amber, is the most recent tweet:

This is truly extraordinary stuff. Like visiting Pompeii and seeing the villagers preserved at the very moment things went horribly wrong. Eventually the account will have to move on, but not yet.

And honestly, the longer this goes on, the more I’ll respect the operators.

Sometimes it’s necessary to just log off and get a good night’s sleep to come back better in the morning.