Ten Former NFL Players Who are 'Starring' in the AAF (Alliance of American Football)


The Alliance of American Football (AAF) kicks off this weekend, so if you are really desperate for some hot football action just one week after the NFL season ended, you are in luck.

The league consists of eight teams and will play a ten-game schedule. Those teams are as follows (with coaches in parentheses):

Arizona Hotshots (Rick Neuheisel)

Atlanta Legends (Kevin Coyle, with Michael Vick as offensive coordinator)

Birmingham Iron (Tim Lewis)

Memphis Express (Mike Singletary)

Orlando Appolos (Steve Spurrier)

Salt Lake Stallions (Dennis Erickson)

San Antonio Commanders (Mike Riley)

San Diego Fleet (Mike Martz)

Not only are there five former NFL head coaches trying to get back in the game, but several prominent NFL disappointments and role players are making an appearance. If you are really a degenerate and want to get into AAF Fantasy Football, here is a cheat sheet that seems as good as any. But if you just want to say, wow, I was wondering what became of that guy, we have you covered.

Trent Richardson, Birmingham Iron: He was once a top 5 overall pick and traded for a first round pick to the Colts, but it’s been four full years since Richardson played in the NFL. He’ll return to the site of his college days at age 28.