Tedy Bruschi a Strong Candidate to Replace Charles Woodson on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown

Ryan Glasspiegel

Tedy Bruschi is considered to be a strong candidate to replace Charles Woodson on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, The Big Lead has learned. An ESPN spokesperson declined to comment.

This kinda seems hard to believe, but in August Bruschi will have been at ESPN for a decade. He joined the network after a 13-season run with the Patriots in which the team won three Super Bowls.

Bruschi is very well regarded in Bristol, and he fits a lot of the things that decision-makers look for in this role: He’s a household name, he won championships, and he presents really well from both verbal and appearance perspectives.

Even though Bruschi retired 10 years ago, the Brady/Belichick dynasty continues on inexorably and Bruschi remains ESPN’s go-to voice on all things Patriots.