Teddy Bridgewater Could Collect Millions From Insurance if He Falls to the 2nd Round of the NFL Draft

By Jason McIntyre

"The actual loss of value between getting picked No. 3 in this year’s draft versus No. 33, the first pick in the second round, is about $15 million guaranteed. But if Bridgewater can prove that his slip had to do with an injury or an illness, the policy will result in him getting $5 million back."

Here’s how bizarre the NFL draft can be – before I went to the NFL Combine in February, I had Bridgewater as the No. 1 pick to Houston. Everything I heard there and since then, has caused me to yank Bridgewater from the 1st round in two subsequent mock drafts. The thing is, I like Bridgewater, and I think three years from now he probably will be the best QB in this class. Obviously it is dependent on system and fit and surrounding talent, but I like everything about Bridgwater, I don’t like much about Bortles, and think Manziel is the epitome of boom-bust. My 2nd favorite QB in this draft is Zach Mettenberger, but you already knew that.

With 10 days to the draft, is now when we hear rumors about a Bridgewater injury/illness that is causing him to drop in the draft? And no, nobody is advocating insurance fraud.

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