'Ted Lasso' Little People Look Like Fun For Kids of All Ages

Stephen Douglas

Ted Lasso is moving to the toy aisle. A collaboration between Fisher Price and Warner Bros. Consumer Products launches today that turns the cast of the Emmy-winning Apple TV show into Little People. For $29.99 you will be able to play (with your kids, of course) as Ted, Coach Beard, Rebecca, Keeley, Sam and most importantly, Roy Kent. Take a look.

Little People have been around since the 1960s when they were called "Play Family People." They've been officially known as Little People since 1985. Fisher-Price started a collectors line in 2019 to mix toys, sports, pop culture and entertainment. I recently saw the Golden Girls collection, if you have ever felt bad about eating cheesecake alone.

This has to be the first time that a set has been made out of a group that swears so much. I can't be the only one to see these and get excited about telling my kids where Roy Kent is in addition to here and there.

The Ted Lasso Little People should be available at retailers nationwide. Here's hoping they're popular enough to justify releasing a full AFC Richmond locker room. You know, for the kids to play with. I'm not telling anyone how to do their jobs, but Higgins, Jamie Tartt, Trent Crimm, Dani Rojas and Isaac would make for a great second set. You could also do The Crown & Anchor along with Mae as well as pub patrons / Richmond supporters Baz, Jeremy and Paul. Really, there are a ton of options and they would all make great Christmas presents. IN DECEMBER.

Just no Nate. Never Nate. We all know what he did.