'Ted Lasso' Perfectly Recreated the Allen Iverson Practice Rant

Ted Lasso recreates the Allen Iverson practice rant
Ted Lasso recreates the Allen Iverson practice rant /

Like most of you, I found the Ted Lasso commericals from 2013 and 2014 amusing. The ad was part of NBC Sports' promotion for its coverage of the Premier League. It was a great bit, but I was shocked when Apple TV+ turned the character into the subject of a series seven years later.

Here's the first commercial:

This was a really funny premise, but it felt a bit thin as the premise of a TV series. Initially I didn't really have any interest in a Ted Lasso show, but after seeing what the writers did this week, I may have changed my stance.

In the show, Lasso coaches association football club AFC Richmond. In a scene from episode six (released this week), the coach confronts his young, arrogant star Jamie Tartt for not practicing. As it unfolds, Lasso goes on a protracted rant about practice that may have sounded familiar.

Check out the scene:

If you recognized that rant but couldn't place it, this may help:

That is perfect television. I don't care what the rest of the series offers, give the writers an Emmy for that scene. It was so great and I'm shocked no one has done something similar before.

Alright, I'll give it a watch.