Ted Cruz Beefing With The Mandalorian

Stephen Douglas
Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The last week was lousy with lousy news so it's understandable if you missed the weirdest new feud of 2021: Ted Cruz and The Mandalorian. Over the weekend, Pedro Pascal, who plays the titular character on the Disney+ series, tweeted Cruz's phone number as tempers flared over the Texas senator's role in inciting the violent mob that attacked the Capitol.

That on its own isn't that crazy. Pascal is what many republicans might consider Hollywood's Liberal Elite. However, the two have a history as Cruz singled out Pascal in a tweet reviewing the new Wonder Woman movie last month, saying it was Pascal's "worst performance." Cruz called the script of Wonder Woman 1984 "wooden, formulaic & silly."

Hopefully, Cruz finds more time for movie reviews in the future.