Ted Cruz Did Not Swallow a Fly on 'Hannity' Last Night

Stephen Douglas
Ted Cruz taking a drink of water.
Ted Cruz taking a drink of water. /

The whole Internet loves watching Ted Cruz eat a fly live on Sean Hannity's FOX News show.

*Five seconds later*

We regret to inform you the clip is not new or real. You may continue to enjoy it, but it really is fake news this time.

The original clip is from June 28, 2019. Cruz posted the entire appearance on YouTube, though it's not clear if that was in case there were any fly-swallowing truthers out there. He needed a drink of water less than 30 seconds into the interview. Hannity jokes about it being his "Marco Rubio moment" as Rubio famously drank water.

The audio-less video with the fly is a couple years old and appears to have popped back up on this account. According to The List, the person who made the fly video was banned from Twitter so it had disappeared, but they returned recently and reposted it and it took of again.

At various points this morning, "#ToadCruz" was at or near the top of Twitter's trending topics. There has also been a spike in people Googling, "Ted Cruz swallows fly" as people try to figure out if it is real. The Internet really is an incredible place, isn't it?