Ted Cruz Declares War on The 'Barbie' Movie, Which He Hasn't Seen


It's Wednesday, so you know someone was saying something stupid, somewhere in America. Senator Ted Cruz decided to step up and do the honors. He decided to go on the My Mom Isn't a Fan hour with Jesse Watters and declared the Barbie movie was essentially Chinese propaganda. He made that declaration despite never seeing the movie.

Cruz's contention is that a crayon map in the movie shows the "nine-dash line" next to Asia, which is a clear nod to China's claimed sovereignty over the South China Sea.


Apparently no one has told him that the map actually shows eight dashes and depicts Barbie's journey from Barbie Land to the real world. Side note: I truly can't believe I just had to write that sentence.

This is almost certainly not the case, but let's say that stupid, cartoonish map is a way to appease Chinese censors so the movie can air over there... who cares? I mean that. Who really cares? Is the Barbie movie the biggest controversy in the world right now? Should this be taking up time on cable news programs?

It just feels like we're on an outrage loop over the dumbest possible things right now.