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New Team USA Hockey Jerseys Are Not Great

Liam McKeone
Team USA jerseys
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The 2022 Winter Olympics are coming up, which means it's just about time for all the countries to roll out their new redesigned jerseys. This is admittedly a thankless task. The Olympics have been going on for quite a while and it's difficult to come up with a fresh concept that isn't too out of the box.

Nevertheless, the new Team USA hockey jerseys are not great.

As my coworker Stephen Douglas wisely stated, the top goal for these uniforms is to not look dumb. These accomplish that much. They're very safe. Straightforward. It has the letters and the colors. They don't get too crazy with it. Everybody will recognize these as Team USA jerseys. Mission accomplished on that front. It's also tough for many jerseys to look good in photo shoots without a human being wearing them.

But I would like to see some more creativity! Let's get weird with it! Even if it's just making the USA letters diagonal or something. The Olympics only come around once in a while. Let's make it memorable.