Taylor Rooks Joins Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football Coverage

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2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages

Taylor Rooks is joining Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football coverage according to Variety. In addition to covering the NFL for Amazon, she has signed a new multi-year deal "to broadcast across both the digital-sports outlet and TV programs produced by the Warner Bros. Discovery sports division."

Last year Rooks told The Big Lead that her sights were set extremely high.

“Eventually, I would love to do a complete takeover. I want to talk to everybody. I want to also give my opinion and have my voice. And that’s really cool about the media landscape we’re in right now. Five years ago, eight years ago, if you covered sports, you only covered sports. If you said anything else people thought you weren’t serious. But now it’s very personality-driven.”

Rooks became well-known for NBA coverage and now she's probably going to do the same thing with the NFL. With footholds at Amazon and Warner Bros., it increasingly looks like she can do whatever she wants.

Rooks joins Kirk Herbstreit, Al Michaels, Charissa Thompson and Dude Perfect at Amazon.