Make These the Tampa Raptors' Uniforms, Cowards

Kyle Koster
Almost. / Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The Toronto Raptors will be playing this season in Tampa, Florida, which is a significant change but not as unusual as allowing velociraptors to play in the NBA in the first place. This presents an opportunity for fresh new jerseys, if the franchise wanted to go in that direction. Spoiler alert: they should. Immediately. By adopting designer Luc Samanski's vision.

What is even the debate? It doesn't have to be for every game, but as a change of pace, these threads are gorgeous. Look at that little party animal on the right there. He looks like someone threw a guy at a Jimmy Buffett concert the rock and he began handling it with any number of substances coursing through his veins. Or if a raptor ate Dennis Nedry and took his shirt as a souvenir.

Terrific stuff and great inspiration for a new tattoo for people from Canada to Florida. Great art can really bring species together, even if they're 65 million years apart.