Tacko Fall Learning to Swim, Has High-Profile Instructors

Kyle Koster
2020 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Game
2020 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Game / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

A cynic could look at footage of Enes Kanter and Jaylen Brown teaching Tacko Fall how to swim in one of Disney World's many well-maintained pools and wonder if it was some sort of staged, targeted feel-goodery. Because, damn, it is adorable stuff. Fall has so much in the arm and leg department and absolutely no knowledge of how to use it aquatically.

A sap could look at it and simply not believe there could be anything better.

Neither camps are correct. It's a totally organic moment between tight-knit teams and it could be made better. Imagine, if you will, Fall being forced into the Tadpoles program at your local YMCA. Imagine a 7-foot-6 dude flopping around next to some four-year-olds. Slightly better than what actually happened, if only marginally.