Tacko Fall and Tremont Waters Recreate Classic Manute Bol-Muggsy Bogues Photo

Liam McKeone
Washington Bullets
Washington Bullets / Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Tacko Fall is, in fact, very tall, as I'm sure you've heard. Here is further evidence that he is just that as he summons the spirit of his Very Tall forefather in the NBA, Manute Bol.

A really great photograph, and tremendously Important Content. To compare: Bol was 7'7", and Fall measures in at 7'6". Tremont Waters checks in at 5'10", while Muggsey Bogues was merely 5'3".

So while the contrast isn't as extreme in the new photo as the old, it's still a wonderful reminder that such a range of height can exist on the basketball court.