Tacko Fall is Taller Than Carsen Edwards

Kyle Koster
Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics
Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There have been a few athletes in recent years who have what it takes to be the Tall Guy. Yao Ming and Gheorghe Muresan come to mind. The former stood next to at least 75 people he was much taller than. The latter was in a movie with Billy Crystal, who has elite short guy energy. The Tall Guy role is, essentially, being really tall and standing next to stuff that wasn’t as tall. Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve put a fresh twist on the old classic by making it a recurring two-man game.

And we don’t want to jump to conclusions here but Boston Celtics draft pick Tacko Fall has what it takes to become the latest to star in this proud tradition. At 7-foot-6, he’s up there. When he stands next to teammate Carsen Edwards in Summer League action, it’s very easy to see that 6-foot even is a far cry from the mid-sevens.

Very good stuff. Nothing like a sight gag. Not offensive and family-friendly. Huge hit among people who don’t like to think a lot to wound up in a chuckle.

It’s no secret the web’s content creators would enjoy Fall getting a chance with the big club this year and for years to come. So why try to hide it? The more he can stand next to Edwards, the better.