Did Jim Boeheim Just Retire?

Kyle Koster
Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Syracuse was eliminated from the ACC Tournament by Wake Forest this afternoon on a buzzer-beater, ending any chance of the Orange playing in the NCAA Tournament. This has been an exceptionally frustrating year for 'Cuse fans and has featured several regrettable Jim Boeheim moments, leading to speculation that this could have been the last dance for the Hall of Fame coach.

And based on his post-game press conference ... maybe it was.

Boeheim said that he gave his retirement speech on the court last Saturday but no one picked up on it. He was non-committal on his interest in coming back. He deferred questions about his future by saying it was up the university and advised reporters they were asking the wrong guy.

Weird stuff.

If this is it, it's the end of a remarkable run. Boeheim has been the head coach at Syracuse since 1976, assuming the position after seven years as an assistant. For context, he's been there since mankind first walked on the moon. He's been there since Woodstock. He's led five teams to the Final Four and captured the national championship in 2003.

But considering how things have gone recently, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if we've seen the last of him.