Phenomenally Sweaty Peyton Manning Still Looks Cool

Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Peyton Manning was the star attraction in Canton over the weekend as part the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 2021 class. Every 45-plus sportswriter absolutely loves everything the former quarterback and current alternate-broadcast analyst puts down, so you could confidently set your clocks to this sect claiming Manning should be NFL commissioner or President of the United States as soon as he started cracking wise during his induction speech. In the interest of letting people enjoy things, we're not going to say anything about that little media tic.

Anyway, Manning predictably crushed his speech, which included some zingers aimed at future HOFer Tom Brady. Then, he showed why he'd be such a good politician by pressing the flesh and forging on despite what appeared to be sweltering conditions. Here's Manning and his good buddy Brady, perhaps the moment before Peyton suggested a jersey swap because his Ermenegildo Zegna was completely soaked.

Heady play.

This is the difference between the all-time greats and the rest of us. Who among us hasn't made the pivot to keeping a sport coat buttoned for the entirety of a wedding reception in the interest of keeping the loss of perspiration integrity under wraps? It can be a confidence-crusher, especially when meeting many people for the first time. Manning didn't bat an eye though, choosing to steer into the skid and the stain.

Championship effort from someone being feted for being built different.