Swarm of Bees Strike Again, Delay Padres-Marlins Game

Liam McKeone

Bees are very important to the world we live in. They also don’t belong at baseball games. Bees caused a delay during an afternoon matchup between the Reds and Giants early this year, and they’ve struck again. A quality afternoon of baseball was put on hold on Sunday, as the Padres and the Marlins were forced to delay their game due to another swarm of bees on the field, lasting a total of 28 minutes before players took the field again.

I can’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of bees suddenly deciding they like baseball and would like to enjoy an afternoon of beer and hot dogs like the rest of us. I’d also like some bee scientists to come forward and explain how a swarm of bees this large stumbles into Petco Park. A couple bees here and there, sure. But those things are swarming the camera in a scene straight from a horror film.

Austin Hedges definitely has the right idea here. The only way to defend yourself against such a swarm is to channel your superpowers and grab two bats.

It would seem a bee delay is now a concern to take into consideration, along with rain delays, when heading to a ballgame.