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Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman on the Rangers' Plan to Fill Their Stadium: 'Stupid'

Stephen Douglas
John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.
John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling are back for another season of New York Yankees baseball. During Wednesday's Spring Training broadcast they briefly discussed the Texas Rangers' announcement that they would welcome a capacity crowd for their season opener. Very briefly. Sterling attempted to bring up the Rangers decision, but was quickly shut down by Waldman who sounded like she had zero patience for this topic.

This is actually the only way anyone should react to the Rangers decision to fill a ballpark in the middle of a pandemic. Or Texas in general, really. Waldman's dismissive laugh and the definitive, "Stupid," is pitch perfect for the situation. You can almost hear her head shaking.