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Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Doubles as Jungle Gym for His Son During 'CBS This Morning' Interview

Kyle Koster

Remember before the pandemic when the ultimate stakes for live, serious television were to be interrupted by a child wandering into the shot? We were all so uptight back then. Now it's remarkable if a week goes by without one of the bright faces of the future walking into a panel and asking for a Fruit Roll-Up or if they can go outside and play with their neighbor Maddox.

To wit: Vivek Murthy was on CBS This Morning on Wednesday morning to provide updates on all things COVID and COVID-adjacent. A shadowy figure could be seen climbing into the picture on multiple occasions but Murthy, a pro's pro, powered through it.

Eventually, though, Gayle King had to get to the bottom of things.

Murthy then presented his son, who may have been offering a gentle reminder that those Lucky Charms can't pour themselves. Four-year-olds are notoriously all business in the morning, wondering aloud why all these Zoom meetings couldn't have been emails.