Survey Says People Just Not As Excited for Super Bowl This Year

Kyle Koster
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Super Bowl LV is just days away and you can feel the excitement in the air, just not as tangibly as in other years what with the pandemic and unemployment and pressing real-world concerns. That there's been some erosion in the nation's passion-for-sports department should come as no surprise to anyone with cable and a modem, but seeing some anecdotal evidence spelled out is still a bit jarring.

A new study by DISQO distributed online to 8,432 participants on Monday and Tuesday found the following:

"-31.8% of people are less excited about the Super Bowl this year than in previous years due to the pandemic -Nearly 23% will watch the Super Bowl with a smaller group this year due to the pandemic and 17.3% will watch at home when they normally go out -The smallest percentage of people (15.9%) want to see Super Bowl ads discussing social issues, while the vast majority (83.2%) want ads to be funny/entertaining -35.1% of consumers want to see ads before the big game, but 84.5% of consumers haven’t come across any Super Bowl ads before the game -Only 46.8% of people are planning to watch the entirety of the Super Bowl this year"

All of this makes sense. We've felt the lack of buzz. We've seen advertisers do the unthinkable and sit out the big game. We've heard forecasts of reduced ratings. Yet there's something about considering the Super Buzzkill as a sociological pathos that feels different.

It's nice to get a snapshot of where a nation's head is at. But it's also worth remembering that none of this means you personally can't have a good time. Who cares if others aren't watching and enjoying if you are getting satisfaction out of it.

Survey says that type of fun is still allowed.