This Super Bowl Recipe Map is Utter Nonsense

Stephen Douglas
The "Wing Bowl" Buffalo Wing Eating Contest Is Held In Philadelphia
The "Wing Bowl" Buffalo Wing Eating Contest Is Held In Philadelphia / Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

About once a week a map like the one below makes the rounds on social media. It shows something that each state likes or does or searches. There's never much, if any, science behind the map and they are only notable because they are so stupid. I mean, just look at this map that purports to show "America's Super Bowl Recipes."

How was this determined? By "relatively uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes by state, last week." So we're to believe that the people of Nevada and Idaho search "potato" or "potato super bowl recipe" or something like that?

So we're suppose to buy that the favorite Super Bowl snack of North Dakota is "pizza sauce"? And their neighbors to the south prefer marinara? If they would get together with the people of Wyoming, they'd have a nice meat sauce.

Super Bowl party hosts in California rely heavily on "fried rice" recipes, but they aren't as fancy as the fondue-drenched Super Bowl shindigs in Kentucky.

People in Mississippi need instructions to mix green beans with beef broth and Georgians never let guests prepare their own ham bologna turkey subs.