Super Bowl Parking Prices in Los Angeles are Absolutely Insane

Parking sign.
Parking sign. / Mario Tama/GettyImages

Driving and parking in Los Angeles has always been an issue. Too many cars and not enough room combine to create a typically-disastrous situation for a city where public transport has never been a strong suit. Throw a Super Bowl crowd on top of that and you have the scene currently playing out in La La Land.

According to Michael Phillips, who is an "Interim editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch," according to his Twitter bio, the cost to park for the Bengals-Rams Super Bowl is $225. That is not the egregious part. No. The egregious element is that's to park a mile away from the game.

Here's another option for those looking for a more intimate experience.

Here's a cheaper option for those on a budget, which likely not at lot of people attending the game are.

That's because they're double parking private jets at LAX.

A few more options for those interested in paying $400-$1,000 for parking.

If you're paying a few thousand bucks to get into the game, I suppose paying a few hundred to park isn't bad either.