Thoughts on Super Bowl Odds For Next Season

Super Bowl LV odds, Patrick Mahomes
Super Bowl LV odds, Patrick Mahomes / Elsa/Getty Images

Outside of Bay Area residents, Patriots fans, and those who bet the over on Patrick Mahomes' rushing yards, there is consensus happiness this morning with the results of the Super Bowl. It gave us Andy Reid finally becoming a Super Bowl-winning head coach in what is now officially his quarterback's league. The feeling is already deteriorating, though, as we all, together, come to realize the football season is behind us.

If this realization hasn't hit already, it will begin to sink in after you wake up from your "sick day," your leftovers are heated, and you make sure you aren't in too much trouble for missing work. There is only one way to cope with such a feeling: finding hope in something else. This includes looking at next year's Super Bowl odds and convincing yourself even your team (Not you, Lions fans) has a shot.

Here are the opening odds for Super Bowl LV.

No issue here with the Chiefs opening as favorites. Mahomes is the best player in sports right now, and at 24, is still steadlily improving. Though, I wouldn't pick nor bet on them to repeat. The NFL hasn't had a back-to-back Super Bowl winner since 2005 (when the Patriots did it) and the Chiefs' offseason projects to be a microcosm of why. Mahomes is expected to shatter the market with a possible $40 million per year salary. Giving that type of money to one player, even if he is an alien, means the Chiefs will have to make serious roster changes to afford it.

Additionally, there are already better rosters. Despite losing, this includes San Francisco, who will be better next season. The 49ers' core is just getting started and are at 70 percent of what they can be. Remember: In the Super Bowl, San Francisco's two best players, Nick Bosa and Deebo Samuel, were rookies.

Baltimore, too, is at +800. You can have all the concerns you want about Lamar Jackson in the playoffs – he's a superstar. If Mark Ingram, their leader, didn't have an injured calf, they beat the Titans and would've been favored against the Chiefs. Doubt Jackson coming off another offseason again at your own risk.

A value bet is Philadelphia at +2800. If just half of the Eagles can stay healthy next season, it will be an improvement. There's championship pedigree here and only a select few are better at the quarterback position than a healthy Carson Wentz.

Why Seattle has the same odds as Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles (Rams), I have no idea. Russell Wilson is one of those better than a healthy Wentz and is coming off his best season of his already Hall of Fame career. If their entire running back core didn't go down late in the season, the NFC playoffs would've likely gone through Seattle. The Seahawks at +2500 is the best bet on the board this morning.

These odds will drastically change if Tom Brady decides to leave New England. Though, it's not certain the team he'd leave for would come in higher than the Patriots. Regardless of who the quarterback is, New England will come into next season with a top-level defense and a weekly coaching advantage.