Sportsbooks Got Killed With Harrison Butker's Doink

Kyle Koster
Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs Harrison Butker had a chance to give his team a first-quarter lead by booting a 42-yard field goal, but was unable to convert. He did succeed in hammering an upright and creating an entirely satisfying thud, colloquially known in the post-Cody Parkey world as a doink.

In addition to being a great bit of physical comedy, the contact meant good news for most fans who are liquid enough to wager on such an occurrence without being judged.

A cursory search reveals a +450-500 payday is coming to many online wallets bold enough to root for a kicker's confidence to be crushed.

This is justice. Things that are fun to hope for should be richly rewarded. On the other hand, imagine a sadder sentence than "I am tearing up my no-doinks Super Bowl ticket."