Super Bowl 54 Press Box Food Review: Meh

Brian Giuffra

The Super Bowl is synonymous with food. Wings, pizza, brats, chili, guac, hot dogs, and chips of all shapes, sizes and flavors.

One would expect the same to be true AT the Super Bowl, correct? Meh. Kind of.

The food in the press box was decent. The Ropa Vieja was a standout; succulent and flavorful, with hints of paprika, cumin and a spicy pepper kick, which really set it off.

The rice and beans? Not dry, not quite moist enough, and lacking flavor, these got two bites and a toss.

I was happy to see wings and wasn't disappointed. The jerk spice on them was exactly what you'd expect: peppery and spicy. They fell off the bone. Big winners.

They had two pasta salads, both of which fell victim to the same fate as so many that came and failed before in buffet setting: wetness. The corn and pasta got soggy, despite a steady flow of hungry reporters devouring them, and the flavor couldn't offset those issues.

The desert also left a lot to be desired. It was a Tres Leches Cake, but it tasted like vanilla cake with whipped cream on top and cream on the bottom. Or, as you might guess, one-dimensionally flavored. The maraschino cherry was the highlight.

Overall, I'll give it a 7.8. The mains were better than the sides, which is always more important. Hell, that's why they're mains. And I guess it's similar to any Super Bowl party you go to: some ups, some downs, some highs, some lows. Good for the NFL for keeping things consistent.

Here's the full menu and photos.