Phoenix Fans Chanting 'Suns in Six' After a Game 5 Loss is Expert Coping

Stephen Douglas
Suns fans.
Suns fans. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Phoenix Suns on Monday night to stave off elimination in the Western Conference Finals. Gone are the days of "Suns in four." When the Clippers won Game 3 Phoenix fans had to settle for a playful "Suns in five," but that too is gone thanks to Paul George. With dreaded whispers of 3-1 filling the sports talk sphere, Phoenix fans tried to put on a brave face and changed "Suns in six" following the loss.

Starting a chant after a loss seems like desperate behavior. "Suns in four" exuded confident bravado. It was a declaration of a team's arrival. "Suns in six" sounds like the precursor to blowing the scariest lead in the basketball. To be honest, it sounds like Knicks fans chanting "F Trae Young" because most of them quite literally had never been there before.

"Suns in six" is coping. "Suns in six" is the hope that the season won't be on the line the next time the Suns are in Phoenix. If the Suns don't win one of the next two games "Suns in Four Guy" will fade away like so many fans before him.

Good luck Phoenix.