Sugar Bowl Crowd Features an Embarrassing Number of Empty Seats

Ryan Phillips
Sugar Bowl, Baylor vs. Georgia
Sugar Bowl, Baylor vs. Georgia / Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Baylor and Georgia are playing in front of an empty house at the Sugar Bowl. A sparse crowd has filtered into the stands at the Superdome in New Orleans and a bowl that once meant a whole lot kind of feels like a joke.

Check out some of these crowd shots:

The fact that the game is in New Orleans probably plays into the sparse crowd. The College Football Playoff National Championship Game will be in the same stadium on January 13. Since that game will feature local favorite LSU, the locals probably stayed away from buying tickets to this one.

On top of that, Baylor isn't known for having a huge fan base and Georgia fans are probably disappointed their team didn't make the playoff. That all slams together and makes it feel like a whole bunch of people don't care about this year's Sugar Bowl. That's a shame, since it used to be such a big deal every year.