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'Succession' Power Rankings: Season Three Premiere

Kyle Koster
Courtesy HBO

More than two years passed between Succession's season two finale and season three premiere, but the blessed day finally arrived on Sunday night. Fans who had grown insatiable for a serving of the Roy family's sheer awfulness did not go unsatisfied as Kendall's decision to move publicly against his father sent the Waystar Royco empire into far-flung chaos.

Logan is on the defensive and figures to be for an extended period. Roman and Shiv finally have an opportunity to get what they've always wanted but the circumstances — an assured civil war — make the prospect a bit dicer. And then there's Gerri, who has succeeded for decades by playing the long game and waiting for the Roy children to self-sabotage, which was infectious in this scene-setting episode.

Will being installed as the temporary CEO be enough to catapult her to the top of the mountain? Or does Logan hold that title until further notice? Stephen Douglas and Kyle Koster break it all down with the Best of 7's first weekly installment of Succession Power Rankings.