Stugotz Unleashes Impressive Barrage of Disinformation on ESPN Radio

Kyle Koster

ESPN’s biggest radio show was derailed even more than usual today by a repeat offender who, even by his own standards, put together a dizzying display of not knowing what he was talking about on an NFL topic that was last timely before Paul Tagliabue was named commissioner.

Here are Stugotz’s thoughts on the New England Patriots of yesteryear, or at least the version of the team he has in his head. The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz executive producer Mike Ryan attempted to become a cross between Stat Boy and Daniel Dale, but fact-checking the proudly-wrong great orator proved to be a fool’s errand.

The Billy Madison academic decathlon GIF is overused, but if ever there was a time to use it in earnest amazement, this is it. So, please, do so.

While Roy’s Realm and various Titanic-related discussions steer into the absurdity, perhaps it’s worth remembering that just regular ol’ Wednesday Stugotz is every bit the psychological study as he is when he’s letting his gut do the talking.

Quite a sign of the times when the guy saying crazy things about Michigan State is the responsible one.