Stugotz Is Really Bad at Cheating at Sports Jeopardy

Ryan Phillips
Pablo Torre, Mina Kimes and Stugotz play Sports Jeopardy!
Pablo Torre, Mina Kimes and Stugotz play Sports Jeopardy! /

On Friday Pablo Torre posted a video to his Twitter feed of a three-way game of Sports Jeopardy! from ESPN's Highly Questionable. The contestants were Torre, Mina Kimes and Stugotz, and things got weird. Here's the biggest twist: Stugotz had all the answers the entire time and was somehow in dead last entering Final Jeopardy. In the end, he lost handily to Kimes.

Usually in a game like Jeopardy!, the mystery of who wins and what the questions are is the best part. Not so in this case. What's so great about this is knowing the outcome while you watching Stugotz stumble through it despite knowing the answers. Especially because he kept giving the correct answers at the wrong time, like when he answered a question about a date with "Sammy Sosa."

Eventually Torre picked up on what was happening and started using Stugotz's wrong guesses to answer later questions. The whole thing is hilarious.

Check it out:

How did he lose?!? The only realization here is that Stugotz is really bad at cheating.