Streaker Tackled By Chicken Mascot Wearing James Harden Jersey During New Zealand Rugby Game [Video]


streaker interrupted a rugby match in New Zealand between the Otago Highlanders and The Blues of Aukland on Saturday. The streaker would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for the Highlanders’ mascot, AJ the Chicken.

There is no explanation for why AJ (Andrew James) was sporting a James Harden jersey, but he was quite proud of taking one for the team. From 3 News:

“A couple of the Highlanders were pretty stoked with the effort,” James says. “And after the game in the changing rooms, had a little mingle and they were quite proud of the tackle.”

For the chicken, it was nothing short of his job description.

“Being a chicken mascot, I’ve got a lot of pride,” he says. “It was for the team, the supporters, and the stadium.”

James Harden would be proud.

[Video via Otago Daily Times]