Stevie Wilkerson Throws Gas, Is First Position Player to Earn Save

Kyle Koster

Baltimore’s Stevie Wilkerson became the first position player in Major League Baseball history to record a save (which has been an official stat since 1969) by blanking the Angels in the bottom of the 16th inning early this morning. Wilkerson retired all three batters he faced with truly nasty stuff you have to see to believe.

Look at that filth. A mid-50s fastball that doesn’t do anything and … well, nothing else. Tough to step into the box and feel confidence against such an overpowering arsenal.

Wilkerson may have failed to top 56 mph on any delivery, but he did channel the Earth’s gravitational forces to make his ball drop into the strike zone and then harmlessly into a fielder’s glove.

The righthanded utility man has made three appearances this year. He’s allowed a single run in four innings of work and has a WHIP of .50. So, like, an actual asset.

It makes sense that Major League hitters have a tough time adjusting to what amounts to a slow-pitch softball lob. But that doesn’t make it any less fun.