How to Speak to Your Children About the Steven Adams AT&T Commercial

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Being a parent is hard. You have to explain the world to small people who literally know nothing about anything. Questions come up nonstop and sometimes you have to explain something that either you don't think your children are ready to understand or you yourself still don't fully comprehend. This is something I recently experienced when my 5-year-old asked me how Steven Adams was able to hold up three people in an AT&T commercial.

"How is he so strong, dad?"

I started to respond, but stopped. I mean, is it possible three small people can actually sit on Steven Adams like he's a couch for 30 seconds?

While I'm not sure if it is possible, I'm also not convinced it is impossible either.

Was this actually real?

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It was so much easier to understand the mechanics behind Matthew Stafford's ad. That was just a guy walking into a store for some banter. But this? Steven Adams on a beach streaming March Madness on a phone while two grown men sit on his muscular arms? What exactly is the deal here?

I mean, we've seen Adams pick up a 6-foot-10, 250-pound professional basketball player and carry him across a basketball court like a bag of laundry. The man is a literal monster. He's so strong that Zion Williamson was like, damn, he's really strong.

So to be honest with you, I'm not 100 percent sure Steven Adams isn't that strong. I mean, they filmed this on a beach instead of inside the fake AT&T store. Is it possible that's because Adams is too big to fit inside a studio? I really don't know!

There are a lot of things that remain unclear after a few dozens viewings of this particular commercial. So if your child does ask you how Adams did that, here's what I'm going with. I hope this helps.

You know how Bluey lives in Australia? Well, there's a small country nearby and you do not fu-- mess. You do not mess with it or the people or animals who live there. That guy with the mustache? He is from New Zealand. He's like the honey badger - what? You don't know about the honey badger? Here, watch this video. It's hilarious. Don't tell your mother.

Seriously, don't tell your mother. And don't use any of those words. But you see how bad-ahhhh... how tough that thing is? Well Steven Adams is like that, but stronger and a much better rebounder and teammate. Can he pick up three adults at once? Probably. Did he do it for this commercial? Probably not, but I'm not really sure.

The important thing is that Steven Adams is real and we continue to believe he's capable of doing anything. Including holding up a dude in each arm without even flinching while Milana Vayntrub climbs up his back. Who is Milana Vayntrub? Well, that's Lily. Why do I... Oh, look, the commercial break is over.

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