Steve Spurrier Had Another Highly Quotable SEC Media Day

By Ty Duffy

He took the obligatory shot at Nick Saban. “It’s easier to win the national championship than the SEC. Ask Nick Saban.” [via @schadjoe]

Spurrier made sure everyone knew just how easy Georgia’s schedule is. “If I made the schedule, Georgia would be playing LSU and we’d be playing Ole Miss.”

He was nebulous. “Every game we won last year, we were favored. Think about that.” [Were favored in every win, but did not win every game they were favored, were -9.5 at home against Auburn, 7-6 ATS in 2011]

Spurrier does not appreciate questions about his retirement. “Every time some sportswriter asks how long I’m gonna coach, I think I need to ask him, ‘How much longer are you going to write?’

He wants an 8-team playoff with six conference champions and two at large teams. “Well, if I was calling the shots, I would have 8 teams going to play.”

Spurrier offered his take on the Penn State Scandal. “Just a terrible mess.”

[Photo via Getty]

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