Steve Smith Lit Up a Former Teammate During the Texans-Panthers Postgame

Steve Smith
Steve Smith /

The Carolina Panthers beat the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football. For the Panthers, it was an unspectacular victory against a rookie quarterback. If the Texans weren't depleted everywhere, they looked it. After the game on NFL Network, Steve Smith used one specific player as an example, Rashaan Melvin.

Melvin, who turns 32 in a few days, has played on 10 teams in eight seasons after going undrafted out of Northern Illinois in 2013. He's been in the league for nearly a decade and teams keep giving him chances so coaches must see something there. He's like the defensive back version of Josh Johnson. Still, getting singled out by a Hall of Famer as "not that good" when you're on a bad team must be rough.

Even rougher is the fact that these two guys played together. Melvin had 11 combined tackles in the Baltimore Ravens divisional round loss to the New England Patriots on January 10, 2015. Smith scored a touchdown for the Ravens. That was the only time Melvin has ever been a part of a playoff team, though I'm not sure you can blame him for that.