Steve Sarkisian Leaves Alabama, Replacing Kyle Shanahan as Falcons' Offensive Coordinator

By Jason Lisk

Steve Sarkisian is close to being named offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons, according to Jordan Schultz. (Adam Schefter has also tweeted about Schultz’ report).

[UPDATE: The Falcons just announced the move as official]

It’s been a wild an interesting journey for Sarkisian, who was terminated at Southern Cal just over a year ago for alcohol abuse issues, then was reportedly hired at Fox Sports, before immediately moving to Alabama as a consultant. He became the offensive coordinator when Lane Kiffin moved to Florida International and abruptly ended his tenure between the national semifinal game and the title game. That tenure looks like it lasted for all of one game.

And now, if this report ends up being true, Alabama will be on its third offensive coordinator in a three-game span.