Steve Nash Seizes Opportunity to Tell a Dad Joke During a Press Conference

Stephen Douglas
"Get it?"
"Get it?" / Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Steve Nash's first season as an NBA head coach has been both bumpy and wildly successful. As coach of the Brooklyn Nets Nash has had to deal with COVID protocols, injuries, new star players and whatever Kyrie Irving was up to for a few weeks earlier this year. Despite all that they have the third best record in the NBA.

Prior to last night's game agains the Blazers, James Harden considered not playing. Brian Lewis of the New York Post tried to ask Nash what he would have done if Harden hadn't been involved, but said "Kevin" instead. After Lewis said, "Jesus," Nash was happy to jump in with what he would later call a "dad joke."

Nash has five children, so he would know. He should also know that he's already starting James Harden which is as close as you can get to Jesus in your backcourt. Harden finished with 25 points and 17 assists as the Nets improved to 30-14 on the season.