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Steve Levy Used Washington Football Team's Old Nickname at the End of 'Monday Night Football'

Stephen Douglas
Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team
Seattle Seahawks v Washington Football Team / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Washington Football Team beat the Seattle Seahawks, 17-15, on Monday Night Football. After Taylor Heinicke took the final knee to run out the clock, ESPN's Steve Levy used the home team's old nickname.

It's tough. It was an unintentional, but unfortunate, slip up from Levy as we attempt to move on from the racist team name. This was a team name American sports fans used for the better part of a century. Dan Snyder and his organization have not given anyone anyting to call the team besides the clunky Washington Football Team or "WFT." In time we might get used to it, but until they call them something like the Pigskins, they look and play like the same organization we were watching as recently as 2019.