Steve Levy Went on Pat McAfee Show, Was Transparent About Monday Night Football

Kyle Koster
Courtesy ESPN
Courtesy ESPN /

It's amusing to think about the collective time and energy sports media reporters and bloggers invested in handicapping the bid for an open Monday Night Football booth in the offseason. One wonders how many dinners were interrupted midstream and how many precious childhood moments were declined in the interest of trying to correctly guess which trio would eventually land there.

Two of those involved names, Steve Levy and Pat McAfee, got together today on the latter's eponymous radio show. One is, quite obviously, behind the microphone in ESPN's only pro football bag. The other is still subtly building an empire doing whatever the hell he chooses. So it worked out great on both sides.

They shared some genuine respect and dove into, like a meme, how it started and how it's going. It was quite illuminating, thanks to Levy's relative openness on a few points.

"We are a work in progress," Levy said. "I'd say the whole show is, but really specifically myself. I think I'm getting more comfortable every week."

He also added that sometimes, believe it or not, fans offer constructive criticism, which he takes to heart after canceling out the really positive and really negative poles. Seems reasonable.

Credit to both of the guys here for the asking and answering on actually interesting topics. It's nice to see how there's a type of symbiotic energy when both guest and hosts are trying to accomplish the same goal of making things entertaining. An end destination only about a third of interviews tend to find.