MSNBC's Steve Kornacki Broke Down the NFC East Playoff Picture on Football Night in America

Stephen Douglas
Steve Kornacki on Sunday Night Football.
Steve Kornacki on Sunday Night Football. /

MSNBC's breakout star from election night, Steve Kornacki, made his NFL debut on NBC's Sunday Night Football ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs - Denver Broncos game. Kornacki took 90 seconds to break down the NFC East and NFC Wild Card playoff races and it was like we were back in the beginning of November, projecting the vote counts in Maricopa County again.

Was this not as good or better than any other segment looking at the NFL playoff picture you have seen in your entire life? As dumb as win probability looks in hindsight when the numbers go sour, this just feels right.

If Kornacki isn't too busy, this should become a regular segment. If he doesn't know the NFL as well as he knows election results, you can't tell. Most importantly, with Jim Harbaugh struggling in Michigan, Kornacki can finally make khakis cool for football fans again.