NBC Broke Out Steve Kornacki For the Kentucky Derby

Stephen Douglas
Steve Kornacki at the Kentucky Derby.
Steve Kornacki at the Kentucky Derby. /

Steve Kornacki found his way back into our lives this weekend as NBC broke him out for the 2021 Kentucky Derby. Kornacki must have made such an impression on viewers during Election Night coverage that NBC is now committed to using him at every tentpole event. First football, now horse racing.

At this point this has a chance to turn into SeinfeldVision. For the entire month of October, all of NBC's primetime shows will feature a computerized guest appearance from Steve Kornacki. Except they can just send Kornacki to the actual sets.

Think about it. Kornacki on Law & Order: Organized Crime breaking down a chart of a mob family. Kornacki on This is Us explaining who is most likely to cry next. Young Kornacki shows up on Young Rock. KornackiVision. The possiblities are endless.